posted: Apr. 06, 2018.

It’s back to school time, and that means it’s time for your child to get their regular back to school eye examination. With all the backpack buying and shoe shopping, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that a back to school eye exam is one of the most important preparations you can do for your child. At The Eye Institute of Wyoming, we’re dedicated to giving all our patients the best eye care possible, and that includes making sure all students start school being able to see as well as possible. Here are five of the most important reasons to bring your child in for a back to school eye exam.

80 percent of a child’s learning is visual, which means having corrected vision can directly help to improve their grades. Children often don’t know they’re not seeing as well as they can, and assume they’re doing the best they can. With corrected vision, children’s grades often shoot up very quickly.

Schools are increasingly requiring or allowing computers, tablets, and other digital devices for help in school work. All digital devices emit blue light which, in normal doses, is beneficial to our bodies. Excess blue light, like amounts that some children are exposed to, can cause sleep problems and other health concerns. We can monitor the damage it’s doing to your child, and prescribe eyeglasses to protect against further damage.

Children who participate in after school sports need eye protection, and an eye care professional is the best one to determine what kind they need. Whether your child has a need for vision correction or not, our doctor can prescribe the right kind of eye protection needed for his sport.

Eye examinations are covered by most insurance. Most people don’t know that the Affordable Care Act includes a comprehensive eye examination as an essential benefit. Which means your child’s examination plus any eyeglasses needed are fully covered with no expense to you.

Glasses are fun, glasses are hip, glasses are in style again. If you had a problem getting your kids to wear glasses in the past, you probably won’t have that problem any more. Eyeglasses are among the hippest and most stylish accessories today, and your children and teens are likely already checking out the new frame styles we’ve got in stock this year.

Back to school time is the perfect time to introduce your child to our Eye Care Team. Call our office in Casper at (307) 235-5384 or in Douglas 307-358-2900 and make an appointment today.

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