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Ocular Disease Testing at the Eye Institute of Wyoming

At The Eye Institute of Wyoming, P.C., we take your vision and eye health seriously. When you come in to see your eye doctor, our goal is to provide a comprehensive eye exam that will pinpoint any deficiencies in your sight. We also look at your eye health. If necessary, we make recommendations for care to protect your vision and minimize any eye health concerns you may have. Dr. Dana L. Day is available to discuss any concerns you have in our Casper or Douglass office.

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What Is Ocular Disease Testing?

An ocular disease is any type of illness or dysfunction of the structural components of the eye. While these diseases can impact vision, they do not always do so. When you come in for a comprehensive eye exam, we'll perform ocular disease testing based on your risks, your age, and previous eye exams. Our goal is to pinpoint any concerns as soon as possible. We conduct ocular disease testing for preventative, early diagnosis, treatment, and chronic disease management.

What Are Some Types of Eye Diseases Tested For?

We'll determine the appropriate ocular disease testing based on your specific needs and risk factors. Some of the most common tests include the following:

Angiography: This test involves injecting dye into the blood vessels to create clear images of them. There are several options available for doing this. The goal is to give us a call at the blood vessels in the eye to diagnose and treat macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and blocked retinal blood disorders.

Electroretinography: This test allows us to see how your eyes respond to light. Eye drops are used to numb the eye and, then, an electrode shaped as a contact lens is placed on the cornea. We use this to evaluate for conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa.

Computed Tomography and MRIs: This is a test to get a look at the structures inside the eye and the orbit which is the bony structure outside of the eye. We can pinpoint the location of foreign objects like this as well as find tumors, optic nerve damage, or optic neuritis.

Pachymetry: This procedure works to measure the thickness of the cornea. It's an important part of refractive eye surgery procedures such as LASIK.

Optical Coherence Tomography: This type of test gives us high-resolution images of the interior structures of the eye. It is a type of ultrasonography procedure using sound waves. It can help us to notice macular degeneration and glaucoma.

These are advanced disease tests, but our team will discuss how they can benefit you based on your age and eye health.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Your Optometrist in Casper or Douglas for Ocular Disease Testing

If it is time for an eye exam, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with your optometrist in our Casper or Douglas office. The Eye Institute of Wyoming, P.C. offers comprehensive ocular disease testing. Call us for an appointment: (307) 235-5384.

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