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Douglas & Casper Optometrist Shares How Diabetes Affects Your Eyes and Visiondiabetic retinopathy diagram comparison of a diabetic retinopathy retina versus a normal retina

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, whether it is type-1 or type-2, you must begin to think of managing your health in a different way. Diabetes is the inability to produce insulin, which is needed to remove glucose from the body. Elevated glucose levels can cause damage to the blood vessels of your body, including the blood vessels in your eyes. This is why individuals with diabetes are encouraged to take special measures concerning eye care and vision health.

What Is Diabetic Retinopathy?

Retinopathy is a category of diseases that affect the retina at the back of the eye, an essential structure for normal vision. Diabetic retinopathy occurs when the blood vessels of the eyes become damaged from the chronic high blood sugar levels in the body. The blood vessels may become swollen and begin to leak. Sometimes, the blood vessels close, stopping the normal flow of blood to the eye structures. In other cases, new blood vessels begin to grow on the retina, interfering with normal vision. In some cases, the blood vessels develop scar tissue, which can eventually tear and cause retinal detachment.

All of these changes in the eye can cause serious problems with vision. Your eye doctor will monitor the changes in your eyes closely to determine if additional treatment is necessary to preserve your vision.

Preventing Diabetic Retinopathy and Other Eye Problems

Individuals who have diabetes are encouraged to take proactive steps to protect their eye health to ensure that they avoid problems like diabetic retinopathy. Stay under your physician’s care to maintain normal blood sugar levels to prevent blood vessel damage that can affect your eyes. Eat a healthy diet, rich in green, leafy vegetables, fish, lean meat, nuts, eggs and healthy oils. Watch your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which can affect eye health. Exercise regularly to help lower glucose levels and to maintain general health. You should also have your eyes check regularly to detect changes in your eyes, so problems can be treated at an early stage.

Let Eye Institute of Wyoming Be Your Casper Optometrist for Diabetic Retinopathy

Dr. Dana Day and the caring staff at Eye Institute of Wyoming is dedicated to providing the best in vision care for their patients in Casper, WY and surrounding communities. With offices in both Casper and Douglas, we offer a range of services, including eye exams, eyeglass fitting, contact lens fitting, pre- and post-LASIK surgery care and dry eye treatment. We also offer emergency care for our patients. Call Eye Institute of Wyoming today at (307) 235-5384 for an appointment to learn more about caring for your eyes when you have diabetes.

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