posted: Apr. 06, 2018.

It’s that time of year again, everyone is headed back to school. Some are going in for the first time, some have been there for a long time. Whatever your age or grade, back to school means it’s a great time for your yearly eye exam!

As a parent with a kindergartener, I have been feeling the normal parental pangs of anxiety, excitement, and fear of watching our first child enter the world of full day school, and begin a lifetime of education. I begin to question my parenting skills; Have I done enough to prepare my child to maximize her potential to get a great education, and succeed? Have I equipped her with every tool at her disposal? Have I made sure she is completely ready?

Well, my wife and I go through the checklist: School supplies, pediatrician/shots, dentist. Those are all the required steps. But wait…there is something we are forgetting, something major, something that can have a huge impact on normal child development and education…AN EYE EXAM!! My daughter must be able to see clearly to accomplish reading, writing, participation in P.E., music, and art. How could we forget an eye exam!

OK, so my opinion of eye exams might be a little biased, but I do know the impact clear vision, and healthy normal binocular vision can have on a child’s, or anyone’s education. So many people say to themselves, “I can see just fine”, or “my child has never complained before.” That is no reason to never get your eyes examined. Many vision problems in children, young adults, and even college students go far beyond 20/20. We at The Eye Institute of Wyoming are committed to you and your children’s education. Please call and get on our schedule for a comprehensive eye exam and give your child and yourself every tool possible to succeed!

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